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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Hate AdSense

The last couple of days of mine were very terrible. Let me tell you all about it from the start. So, I started blogging, soon I found out that you can place ads here on your blog, so I said to myself
"Hey! this is kinda cool! I can write some blogs in my

leisure time and earn a few bucks at the same time. What can be awesom-er than that?"

So I applied for my AdSense account, at that moment I was like super excited 
and I was just thinking about how cool it would be to earn money this way. But then, I received an e-mail from Google that my account has been disapproved. I got really sad real quick. I applied for it again and again and every time I would apply it would give me the same reply "Your account has been disapproved". Then I found out that my account had been disabled for "Invalid Activity"? I didn't even had advertisements on my blog and my account got disabled for invalid activity? So just because of this bad experience with Google AdSense I now hate AdSense.

I'm not the only one who has suffered this type of problem, it turns out that many accounts from my country (Pakistan) have been disabled in the same way. I hope Google takes care of these problems but till then I need to find an alternative to Adsense.


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