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Friday, March 23, 2012

How To Add Floating Social Media Options In Blogger. Easiest Way!

I was crazily searching on how to add the floating social media option on the Internet and now finally found it! All the tutorials on the internet were so hard, I wasn't able to install it. This method is really easy if you are new to blogging and HTML editing, like me. So let's start!

  1. Go to then click on "Get the button".
  2. Now, don't select the blogger icon, select the "website" icon. Then click "next" and select the "Bars" option.
  3. Select the services you want to add by dragging/dropping and click on "Finish".
  4. If you aren't already registered, then register or login.
  5. Then codes and instructions will pop up.
  6. Select the first script tag and copy it.
  7. Open your blogger account. Go to "Template" and click on "Edit HTML".
  8. Find "<head>" tag and paste the tag you copied in the 6th step below the head tag.
  9. Click "Save Template".
  10. Now copy the second script tag from the sharethis website.
  11. Go to "Layout" in your blogger account and click on "Add a gadget" and select the "HTML/Javascript" gadget.
  12. Now paste the script tag you copied in the 10th step in the HTML/Javascript gadget and save it.

Now you're done! Have any questions? Ask 'em in the comments. Thanks and I hope it works! (which it definitely will.)


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