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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Top 5 Pakistani YouTube Channels

5. Pro Pakistani
The very popular Pakistani IT news website owns a YouTube channel as well. They don't upload in this channel very often but focus mostly on their website. They mostly upload interviews with some IT related people in this channel and also some important telecom  news. If you are interested in some latest IT news then you should probably subscribe to their channel.

YouTube Channel:

4. Mera Passion Pakistan

It is a platform which isn't in association with any sort of regional or political party. Their aim is to create a positive feeling in the minds of our youth towards Pakistan. They try to find people that are unique and tell their great success stories. It's a very wonderful channel and one of my favorites but sadly, it isn't appreciated as much as it should be and doesn't have much subscribers.

3. Evil Spellz
The third on my list of top Pakistani YouTube channels, Evil Spellz. The channel focuses on comedy and has gained popularity with their very popular video "Shit Pakistani Girls Say", this video has over 300,000 views and it is the main reason why this channel is on number 3. The owner of this channel is Muhammad Salman Shamim. According to him, he made this channel because he likes to direct and make movies.

YouTube Channel:

2. X Productions Media

It is the second most popular Pakistani YouTube channel. XProductions Media is a company which provides services such as. Music videos, Video editing, Event planning, T.V commercials and Photo shoots.

They started this channel in 2010 and have created very informative documentaries about some of the problems faced by Pakistan along with some very great music videos. Currently they have 200+ subscribers.

YouTube Channel:

The Living Picture

This is the #1 YouTube channel of Pakistan (in terms of comedy). It has more than 7000 subscribers and are increasing in a steady pace. The content which is provided is very original and funny. Started in 2007 and now to this year the channel has developed a decent amount of entertaining videos. The owner of this channel is a young Writer, ChoreographerTheater Director and Actor, Osman Khalid Butt.

According to him the purpose of this channel is not only to entertain but also to help in the advancement of the performing arts of Pakistan and to encourage creative individuals in the performing arts.

These are my top 5 Pakistani YouTube channels. If you know any other good Pakistani YouTube channels then don't forget to tell me in the comments.


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  3. Awais Mahmood, Good channel but not sufficient to include in top 5.....Sorry, try after some time when you get atleast 4000 subscribers


  4. Well, my channel currently has 300+ subscribers and 900,000 combined views. I wonder if I'm in the top 10?

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