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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Klik - Taking Pictures and Tagging Friends Made Easy!

Capturing pictures with our phones and posting them on social networking sites such as Google+ and Facebook is a task we do very often.

Taking group pictures with friends and sharing them on Facebook with other friends is a lot of fun, but the difficult thing is when you have to tag the names of your friends with the right person, with the introduction of Klik, tagging pictures has become extremely easy.

Klik, is a facial recognition software created by that tags the pictures of your Facebook friends automatically. To make this easier to understand here's an example:

Let's suppose you have 30 friends and 15 out of those friends are connected to you on Facebook. You, along with your 30 friends go to the beach for a picnic and you would most probably take pictures of yourself and your friends. What Klik does is takes pictures of your friends and identifies them from their Facebook profile picture and tags their name to it.

Right now, this app is only available on iOS and that too for free. For the app to work you will need to be logged in on Facebook.

Facebook also has its own auto-tag feature but many people think that Klik works better.


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