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Monday, May 21, 2012

Siri Says Nokia Lumia 900 Is The Best Phone Ever.

Last week an extremely embarrassing bug was found on the iPhone 4S's personal assistant software, Siri. In the bug, when someone would ask Siri "What's the best smartphone ever?" then Siri would reply by showing a picture along with the specifications of the new, Nokia Lumia 900.

The bug has 
been fixed by Apple and now when someone asks Siri the same question, it replies with either "You're kidding, right?" or "Wait... there are other phones".

Although, the bug has been fixed, it has become a source of shame for the company.

Nokia spokeswoman Tracy Postill said: "Apple position Siri as the intelligent system that's there to help, but clearly if they don't like the answer, they override the software."

The reason why Siri said that the Nokia Lumia 900 was the best smartphone because the Lumia 900 was being marketed as "The best smartphone ever." and it was also on offer as "The best smartphone ever!" on many online shops, so many of websites titled its review as "Nokia Lumia 900, The Best Smartphone" or something similar.

Siri uses the search engine WolphramAlpha to search the internet as well as to get possible answers, the search engine picked the Nokia Lumia 900 as the possible answer to the question.


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