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Friday, May 18, 2012

A Little Information About Google's Project Glass

Google, in April released a video about Project Glass. You most probably have seen the video already, if you haven't then you better go check it out (embedded at the bottom of this post).

 The technology that Google's working on is really advanced, the glasses are designed to perform all the tasks that a smartphone is capable of doing. Just
imagine, all the power of a fast smartphone can now be found in a piece of eye wear, it is really hard to believe isn't it? But it's true because Google has already created prototypes and are currently being used by many of Google's employees (yes I know, I'm super jealous too!). The employees using this new technology share their experiences on the official Project Glass Google+ page (go check it out).

The glasses look like ordinary spectacles but with a beautiful piece of technology attached to its right arm, the glasses have a small glass in the right eye which is the display screen and there's a camera too. The lenses of the glasses can be installed according to the person's needs and it can also be worn by people that have perfectly good eye sight (which is one of the advantages).

Google has also secured three patents for project glass and is listed as a “wearable display device frame”. The patents have been given to the three designers that are working on the project who are,  Maj Isabelle Olson, Matthew Martin, and Mitchell Joseph Heinrich. 

The display of the glasses (as shown in the video) in which the information would pop up will most probably will not be present in the original glasses. The glasses might run on some variant of Google's Android OS.

The release date of these glasses is unsure but I do believe that they won't be released till 2013 or 2014 or maybe even more longer.


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