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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Microsoft's Social Network

Yesterday, Microsoft officially opened the social network worldwide. Previously, it was on a beta testing phase, it was using the name "Tulalip" but it was still using the domain name and was only used for research by students in selected colleges and universities.

But now, it can be used by anyone in the world (who has access to the internet of course). I consider it as a combination of Twitter and Facebook as you can follow people and share stuff the same you would do on Facebook or Google etc.

I used it for a while but still haven't quite got the hang of it as I only use Facebook very often. It's a whole different experience from Facebook, I can tell you that.

Some unique and good features that have been added are:

  • Searched
  • Video Party
These two features are relatively new. Searched is a feature which shows what the person has searched on the search widget, it shows search results of websites and even status updates of people using It doesn't automatically publish what you've searched for on your profile, it only provides an option to directly share that page or status update while currently being inside the website.

The Video Party feature has also been added which allows users to make a list of their favorite videos from the web i.e YouTube and MSN videos. You can add the videos by directly searching through the search widget. Your friends can then view your video list and comment on them. Unfortunately, you can't upload videos to it.

I think that isn't going to get much popularity as many efficient social networks are already present then why would anyone want to use it?

If you have used then feel free to share your experiences and opinions in the comments below.


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