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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Self Driving Car. By Google

Google has been experimenting self driving cars for many years. They had been testing out different technologies to make the self driving car more reliable and safe. In California, Google tested a large fleet of  self driving cars but they all were manned in compliance with the laws of the road. The cars used were Priuses. Google has tried really
hard in changing the legislation and to make the self driving car road legal and now, Google's self driving car has been licensed in Nevada, USA.

It was licensed shortly after when a blind man was given a test drive. Which shows how important and helpful this type of technology could be for all the handicapped people. Here's the video:

The car is equipped with an array of hi-tech equipment such as: video camera, sensors, lasers which help in navigating the passengers safely to their desired location. This video was uploaded in 2011 which shows how smoothly the car handles the driving course and what this car is truly capable of:

Google has really out-done themselves with the invention of such a car. Sadly, it's going to take a while for this car to be released for the general public.


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