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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Charge Mobile Phones Using Butane.

Butane charger manufactured by Lilliputian Systems.
Butane is a gas which is widely used in cigarette lighters and stove lighters but now, the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT) has found another great use for butane, which is, charging cell phone batteries. Butane gas can now be used to charge batteries of smart phones and tablets on the-go.

Most smart phones have a ridiculously high battery consumption rate, which creates a lot of difficulties if there's no place to charge your phone but now, we can use this new butane charger to recharge our phone's battery anywhere and anytime.

The charger uses a cartridge filled with butane fuel to charge. Charging using butane has been made possible by placing a solid oxide fuel cell onto a silicon wafer, which allows the conversion of the fuel into energy, the charger uses a USB port to charge.  It can recharge a phone's battery more than 10 times using a single butane cartridge.

The technology will be provided to different companies to manufacture these chargers on a large scale. We might be seeing these chargers later this year. Rumors say that the charger might cost about $100 and the butane cartridge refill can possibly cost about $5, which is a reasonable price to pay judging by the number of recharges you get per cartridge but it still is a rumor.


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