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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Infolinks Review

In one of my previous posts, I said I will review Infolinks, so here it is. It provides in-line text advertising, it means that it will scan your website/blog with keywords and then place ads on them, the keywords will be underlined and when
a user moves his/her mouse pointer over the underlined keyword it will open a small window with an ad for the corresponding keyword. Infolinks is the most reputed in-line text advertising program out in the market  presently. Its combination with AdSense will give you remarkable results and earnings. In-line text ads are very good because they don't take up any ad spaces and don't make your website/blog look cheap.

 Infolinks has started some new ad formats which are:

Related tags, as the name says, shows other tags that relate to the tags currently on your site.
Tag clouds, are a bit like related tags, only showing tags related to your site but in a interesting format, with some tags written in large and some written in small fonts. There are a few color presets available for tag clouds too.

Search widget, when an internet user visits your website/blog through a search engine, then the search widget only shows ads relevant to the search the user made.

Infolinks has been getting a lot of good feedback from its users so, I think this is a safe as well as good choice.


Your comments are highly appreciated. Constructive criticism is also welcomed.

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