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Monday, March 5, 2012

Change In Pakistan

Revolution isn't gonna be easy to bring, especially in a country like our's. So many leaders promising to bring change in our country, I say that we should not just rely on our politicians for bringing change, we should also do our bit, even if
we have to do the smallest ones. Well, for starters we can at least stop littering on our own soil, it won't kill you if you just keep your trash in your pockets for a while and throw it in a trash can later. I see more than a dozen people everyday littering on the road without any hesitation and then most of them are complaining about pollution and trash everywhere.

The system of our country has completely changed. We have utterly lost our way. Our country is full of Bribery, Injustice and Discrimination. Ask yourselves for real, what kind of era are we headed towards? Almost every department involves bribery. The court of justice, one place where we can get our rights back is filled with all these things the most. How's a citizen who has been scammed get justice, when the one place for justice is filled with bribery.

It will be hard for us, the people to bring revolution but we keep forgetting one thing. We have the upper hand, we are in control of our country not the politicians but the problem is that we aren't united. We already have problems like Pathan/Muhajir clashes and now talks about Balochistan wanting to become a separate nation. how's a nation, which is fighting with itself stand as one against the corrupt people who are in control of our country?

I guess all we can do now is wait for a promising leader to take over our nation. Right now, it looks like Imran Khan is our only hope.


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