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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Effects Of Media On Our Brain

Today I'm gonna tell you the effects of media on the human mind. Now, I'm no psychologist who has been studying about this, I'm just a normal guy who has been experiencing something weird. Whenever you switch on the news channel, you probably hear the word 'terrorist' at least once a day. Most of the times when you hear it you see a picture of some
Arab guy or specifically a Muslim, usually in the photo the person has a beard or has covered his entire face with a cloth and is holding a very famously known terrorist used weapon, yes, you're right, the AK-47. They also sometimes wear a head band which says something like this:

Whenever we see this, our brain automatically points towards Muslims, because they are on the news so often and the word 'terrorist' is used for them so many times, that we now only see their faces. I think this is a really huge problem. There was once a time when people used to look for a taxi driver who had a beard, as they were known for being honest and truthful. But now, people have bad images in their brains towards people with a beard, people get a bad image when they hear the words Islam and Allah.

This is a picture of an American soldier along with a picture of an Arab soldier. Who looks like a terrorist to you?

Your brain will most probably point towards the Arab soldier. The media has made them look so bad and has made them look like the bad people but in real, the terrorists are the Americans, who are killing men, women and children by the thousands every year in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and now, in Pakistan as well.


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