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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Clicksor Review

I just started using this great advertisement service, Clicksor. It lets you put ads on your blogs and websites, it doesn't nearly pay as
good as other popular advertisement programs out in the market but it's ads are more convincing and of good quality than many others, which means you get more clicks and you earn more.

Clicksor provides a wide variety of ad formats, ranging from bannersin-line text ads (ads targeted at keywords from your blog), pop-unders and interstitial ads (ads displayed before your website). Some of these ad formats like pop-unders and interstitial ads are very intrusive for the readers but they pay the most as well.

Click to enlarge.
Clicksor also has a referral program which means you can earn 10% from a person you have referred to use Clicksor. Overall, I think if you just got your AdSense account disapproved/disabled and you own a blog, then look no further sign up for Clicksor.


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