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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Aik Naya Pakistan (A New Pakistan)

The video above was recently uploaded by Aik Naya Pakistan (ANPak)on their YouTube Channel. Their YouTube Channel is

Aik Naya Pakistan or ANPak for short is an organization whose
objective is to unite the youth of Pakistan on a single platform and raise their voice as one and make this country a better place for us to live. It's good to see that people like them are working so hard for the betterment of our nation and it makes me feel proud to be a  Pakistani (the kind of feeling I haven't been feeling for a long time). They are focusing on reviving the patriotism, devotion and commitment  of the people of Pakistan with their videos and other campaigns.

Because of the current situation of our state, people are starting to lose their patriotic feelings towards Pakistan. Mostly who are being affected are the youth, they are beginning to think that there's nothing left in this nation and are migrating to other developed nations. This is where ANPak and many other groups are trying hard to revive the devotion and commitment to our great nation which we once had in our blood.

Just like ANPak there are many other groups trying to unite the people of Pakistan, some of the most popular groups are:

Xproductions Media
Mera Passion Pakistan


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